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Our hair can get damaged, frizzy, dry, and out of control. Instead of those chemicals and ingredients that do more damage, block pores, and dry itchy dandruff, try these organic alternatives. I have tried many products and honestly prefer my own formulas.
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Olive Oil Beer Shampoo
Olive Oil Beer Shampoo
Price: $10.00

An organic shampoo -chemical and phthalate free. 8 oz. of rich lather made from fresh brew off the tap. I use Finger Lakes Beer Company's Aviator beer which uses nutmeg and corriander, i add anise, rosemary, sage essential oils.Beer is remakable for your hair , helping restore shine, and curls, minimizing frizz. Olive oil, castor oil and coconut provide body and relief from dry itchy scalp with a little lanolin for conditioning. This can be used as needed according to ones personal preference.

Hemp Rosemary Sage Hair Repair Oil
Natures Hair and Scalp Food
Price: $15.00

4 fl. oz. of organic hair oil with essential oils of rosemary and sage
which help add shine and luster to your hair and condition your scalp as
well as promote oxygen stimulation to produce healthier cell structure
and nurture the hair bulb. Also hemp , olive , and infused marshmallow root, gingko biloba leaves, nettle and fenugreek condition
your hair and restore health, sheen, and natural structure of your hair
wether its straight or curly. This also helps dry itchy scalp,
psoriasis like conditions, and out of control or limp hair. Suggested
use is to apply desired amount to wet or dry hair and rub in. let soak
for about fifteen minutes and wash out, condition if u want to, but not
nesessary.  This stuff is great and i have excellent results. You
usually onle need a couple tablespoons for long hair.
Herbal Hair Pomade
Herbal Hair Pomade
Price: $15.00

Hair pomade
amber vetiver beard oil
Amber Vetiver Beard Oil
Price: $15.00

blend of pumpkinseed, jojoba and hemp oil, amber fragrance and vetiver essential oil. provides nourishment and vitamins for itchy dry skin while keep beard hair smooth, tame, and healthy. 1 fl. oz.
patchouli lemongrass vanilla beard oil
Beard Oil Patchouli Lemongrass Vanilla
Price: $15.00

blend of pumpkinseed hemp and jojoba oils with essential oils of patchouli and lemongrass, french vanilla phthalate free fragrance. Helps tame, strengthen, and nourish beard hair as well as your skin. Nurtures dry itchy skin and has great absorption. 1 fl. oz