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We are destroying ourselves, eachother and the world.I am on a mission that takes me back to all my skin and physical problems to my highly backed up-opinionated feelings from politics to pharmaseuticals to the health industry, to enlighten the world of the truth as I know it, what i have as physical evidence, determination, self taught and educational saught tangable products. These products are a portion of evidence of the power of creation and undiscovered wealth towards a healthier lifestyle that we all have a right to use , enjoy, should be able to afford, and become fruitful from. Nature is a gift, it is beautiful along with Jesus's love for us and I strive to help others, give my children a positive future and create products with love and plants. And this is the light that the darkness will never be able to hide!
Sandy Guerin
NYS Licensed Cosmologist
Reiki Master
Certified in botanical medicine by the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine