For Claudia's Sayke

Since 2003 For Claudia's Sayke has offered natural body care products which take advantage of the amazing abilities nature has to offer. Everything that God made is good, and what He gave us is just more natural for the body and better to use. Unfortunately, through advertising Pharmaceutical companies have led many to believe that the chemicals they use are good for us, but in the long run they are not.

Sandy Guerin started this business out of a love for her daughters Claudia Sayke and Sadie Talyor, to help impact their future and to nurture all youth and future generations. As a result, Sandy strives to continue educating people about the biblical truths to health and the amazing abilities nature offers us.

Sandy is also a New York state licensed cosmologist and certified in botanical medicine and aromatherapy by the Northeastern School of Botanical Medicine. Through faith and love Sandy will continue to formulate natural products that are affordable with an emphasis on cold process soaps and all natural skin care products.  

Along with becoming a Level 1 Reiki Practioner , she is on her way to becoming a Reiki Master. With this she plans to be able to reach more people with love and compassion and sharing what Universal Energy can truly achieve in ones life.