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Be Beautiful Naturally


Our ingredients are harvested at the time their prime potency. This means that the essential oils are more concetrated and the proper plant parts that the contain medicinal constituents. Knowing exactly when you can obtained this high level of potency is critical.

Sometimes the is only a small window of opportunity to harvest and then that part of the plant dies off. If you harvest too soon, you miss the potential that was there. If you wait too late the root becomes too woody, the medicinal constituents have left and diminished into a part of the plant which is not acceptable to be harvested because of other toxic substances in that particular part, or it has left the root to put its energy into the flowering or growth.

This high level of quality is important to us so that you can enjoy the full therapeutic potential. We don't just say the ingredients are in there for the sake of the existing in the product. As you use our products, you will be able to see and feel the difference in your skin.


Within only a short period of using our products most customers begin to see healing without the side effects of chemically altered products. From my experience and research I feel natural health and skin care products are less damaging to genetics, cellular structure, lymph blockage and our bodies immunity ability to properly combat foreign toxic invasion.

Common problems customers have approach me and found healing with are acne, boils, liver spots, dry skin, black heads, sore muscles, fissures, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, nail disorders, athletes foot, allergies, insomnia related issues.


There are numerous ways in which our products reverse the harmful effects of chemicals and heal even the deep layers of skin. They help promote healthier cell regeneration while strengthening elastin and collagen cell structure for pliable elasticity and firmer skin. They also balance the ph level of the skin which is a natural defense to harmful bacteria trying to enter through the skin. In only a  few weeks results will surface from the dermis layer up to the top  epidermis layer. You will be receiving healthy structured cells as the old cells shed off the epidermis.

Our skin is an organic matter and is made to receive organic nourishment. When chemicals are received instead, the homeostasis of the skin is effected. Our skin is our outer protection that must maintain that homeostasis, be treated nurturously and able to excrete and secrete through glands and pores. Otherwise, backup and inflammation, or/and poor circulation can occur.


It's important to have the right combination of ingredients because certain skin types can worsen if the product is out of balance even though it contains a couple recommended ingredients. Certain oils are better for different areas of skin. Thinner oils with smaller molecules need to be applied where skin is thinner and more delicate to avoid overstretching and optimal absorption. Some essential oils are too strong for infants. High concentrations of particular oils can have over stimulation to senses and cause an awakening rather than the relaxing feel the customer is trying to achieve. Proper labeling and intended use of products made are important as well to help guarantee positive results for what that person intends to use it for.


Also some oils which are really unstable can become rancid in a product and should be avoided or a preservative needs to be used. If not, the quality and shelf life is compromised.


Sandy is certified in botanical medicine and aromatherapy by the highly recognized Northeastern School of Botanical Medicine. She specialized in botanical identification, botanical medicine preparation, herbal formulation, and clinical evaluation. Other areas of study included anesthetics, aromatherapy, skin , nail hair consultation and trouble shooting, spa and salon technique, forms of massage in effluarage, petrissage, taponement, percussion, anatomy of skin and muscle structure as well as botanical medicine and the integration of anatomy and physiology of the human body and its reaction to plant medicines in forms of tintures, teas, compress, detoctions, and constitutinal diagnosis using ara veda, to help refer customer to proper alternative in their particular situation. Together these help in the formulation of the highest quality products and accurate recommendations of therapeutic remedies.